The most complete air max360 basketball shoes collection

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The earliest encounter with the big guy air max360, he was crystal clear and different from other air cushion that looks like a craquelure-like appearance attracted by stealth, that is, after the Q foot is full on the ball.
The result was a cup, and there was no difference between the feeling after the first leg LBJ 7 and stepping on the board. But I thought that I would continue to have such a cup, and after experiencing N pressure roads and deep barbells, I discovered that the cold heart of max360 was slowly melting.
With the passage of time, this elasticity has become stronger and stronger, and I have been unable to release my hand and become my favorite. The earliest air max360 sneakers appeared to be on Marion's feet. James 7 should be the first pair of shoes to use the new air max360 air cushion, the appearance of the pair of shoes was simply amazing (although the popularity of defeated the same period of the ZK5 ...), but still can not stop the light of these shoes , advertising color, Christmas color, all-stars a few good color to see the explosion.
In the next few years, LBJ used the technology of air max360. LBJ 8, lbj8low, lbj9 low, lbj10low, lbj11low. Air max360 strong cushioning provides good protection for James, and it is no wonder that James favors this technology.

With the success of LBJ7, Nike began the crazy way of Mens Nike Air Max 360 Running Shoes Black Red Sale. Both shoes are winning with many PE colors, and the price seems to be close to 1300. But what about the discounted price? . . It is in line with the shoe market in those years.
Nate seems to be particularly happy with this kind of inside-muscle-type shoes, from AF25 to this air max hyperize, are often photogenic. Taking advantage of the heat of air max360, Nike also introduced the AIR JORDAN II MAX and AIR MAX HYPERDUNK2011 shoes that people find inexplicable. Bosh is also a cluster of these max2011 fans. The same year also out of classic shoes such as air max 360bb low, stylish appearance, a variety of color with a good texture, so that this shoe is also a small fire. Rondo has got the MAX360 in the regular season and the All-Star game and he really has a center.

Air Max Hyperposite, do not know if it is the last pair of max360 basketball shoes appeared in the NBA, but also many star players. There are also some domestic non-listed: Air Max 360 Diamond, Air Max Darwin 360, Air Max Sensation 2011, AIR MAX UPTEMPO.

Air max 360 is the strongest cushioning and anti-twisting technology. Therefore, most of them are equipped with power-type and inside players, which also saves the cost of carbon panels. Air cushions are extremely durable (unless they are punctured or worn on the sides), and there is basically no concern that they will be flattened.
However, for ordinary people's weight, it takes too long to get in touch with the air cushion (basically it takes one or two years to step on it), the shoe body instability caused by the midsole is too high, and the sense of feedback from the sole venue is not good. The price is too high and it is his fault.
Airmax 360 is a technology with obvious advantages and disadvantages. From the massive launch of Nike and the superstars to the fading eyes, it reminds me of the old technology -shox.