The largest air cushion in history, the Air Max 270 feels really good

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Last year, Nike brought Air VaporMax on Air Max Day, which became a stunning global shoe. I believe that many friends must start!

At the same time, with the hot weather in recent years, almost all Air Max series products have been sought after by the world's sneaker players. This year's Air Max Day has naturally received unprecedented attention!

Just yesterday, Xiao Bian was fortunate to receive an invitation to participate in the Nike Air Max theme event, and to understand the experience of this pair of people are rushing to the Air max 270!

The thickest Air Max air cushion in history!

It's no exaggeration to say that the Air Max 270 has the thickest air cushion in the Air Max family. The 3.2 cm thick Air Max air cushion allows you to visually feel super-soft and super soft, like a gummy candy! If you don't have a concept about the 3.2 cm Air Max air cushion, Xiao Bian specially measured the Air VaporMax's air cushion thickness to be about 2.3 cm, and the thickness difference is nearly 1 cm! The upper is not made of Flyknit woven material for nearly two years, but is made of one-piece engineering mesh. Compared with Flyknit weaving technology, this engineering mesh with large mesh design has better breathability and protection.

The Air Max 270 combines the inspiration of the retro shoes Nike Air Max 93 and Nike Air Max 180, combining the Air Max 93's 270-degree visible U-cushion with the Air Max 180's upper.

This pair of shoes is also the first to be created with Lifestyle's design concept. It is the main life and leisure concept, breaking through the original Air Max series of running shoes, and is the best choice for both fashion and professional runners.

Although the upper has the Air Max 180 vintage pedigree, the one-piece upper and the interesting asymmetric design all reflect the new members of the Air Max family in a new angle. It can be said to combine the future with the retro. reflect.

In terms of color matching, the Air Max 270 almost uses the highly recognizable bright colors to present the Air Max air cushion on the heel, highlighting the soul of the shoes in the most direct and eye-catching way, making you look at wearing clothes!

The first feeling of Xiaobian holding the shoes in his hand is light. The feeling after the upper feet is more obvious. It can be said that the design of these shoes is simplified to the extreme, only the core design is retained, and the essence is used to create a pair of lightweight. Casual shoes.

The ultra-thick Air Max air cushion is followed by a very soft soft foot feel. The concept of Lifestyle is not only reflected in the design, but also pays more attention to the needs and comfort of everyday wear, feedback after the heel during walking. The elasticity can't be cool anymore!

Although the Air Max 270 does not use the Flyknit woven upper, the sock-style design still provides enough wrap for the feet, and the heel that is attached to the air cushion adds a support design that adds stability and fits the foot.