Nike air max 90 hyperfuse prm brilliant colors eye-catching

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Airmax is a classic series that Nike has been favored by everyone. Its visual air cushion design has created the 25-year legendary position of NIKE brand. To design a shoe, many of its ideas come from events that have occurred or are about to happen in life. Such as air max 90 hyperfuse prm, shoes from Olympic colors!

Air max 90 hyperfuse prm is a new shoe introduced in the summer of 2012, under the new technology lightweight light max 90 hyperfuse prm blessing, but also with the upcoming Olympic Games in London echoed. Shoes with Olympic rings as a color, intertwined on the upper, in addition to the body highlights the "air max" people feel the power of science and technology, in fact, five rings [color, to bring us a different kind of sense, novelty, innovation With color embellishment, are very attractive to the public eye! In 2013, hyperfuse launched the shoes for the theme of the US Independence Day, featuring red, white, and blue colors. It also uses the air max 90 as a design blueprint. The shoes in the picture are made of lightweight composite materials made by hyperfuse. The shoe upper, in order to create a higher breathability for shoes, keep the feet dry and create a better wearing experience. Because this paragraph is based on the theme of the United States Independence Day, so the tongue in the shoes with the American flag pattern, solid color is not a small temptation!

Nike air max 90 hyperfuse swept the basketball world, running shoes industry, air max and hyperfuse the perfect combination of the two technologies, for everyone to create a very good shoes, and the color of the novel design, but also add a big selling point for the shoes. In the well-known sports e-commerce shoe library, there are also air max90 series of models, a pair of classic, excellent shoes, is welcome by everyone at all times, and the name of the shoe store there are more such shoes, quickly pick it !