Innovation Air Vapormax running shoes evaluation

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This year's March 26 Air Max Day coincided with the 30th anniversary of the birth of the classic shoe Air Max 1, on this anniversary day, Nike will officially launch the innovative Air Vapormax running shoes. This pair of running shoes, which can be redefined as Nike Air, has been repeatedly exposed since the beginning of the year and is considered to be one of the most anticipated shoes in early 2017 and even the year.
Air Vapormax made its debut at the 2016 Nike Innovation Summit. This pair of futuristic running shoes is attracting attention with its new form of ultra-atmosphere cushion. The official revealed that this shoe has been developed for more than 7 years. Earlier this year, Nike officially announced that Air VaporMax will lead Air Max Day's series of products, which will be released in March to demonstrate Air's revolution and innovation.

Air Vapormax's biggest innovation is to break the design of traditional Air running shoes, remove the foam midsole, rubber outsole and adhesives and other extra parts, the new Vapormax Air air cushion shoes only two simple parts: upper and air cushion .

The most important thing in the whole pair of shoes is that the Vapormax Air air cushion integrates the air cushion itself and the outsole of the shoe and does not require a rubber outsole to ensure durability. Part of the air cushion close to the ground has a raised grainy texture to ensure grip. The wear-prone areas of the inner and outer parts of the forefoot and the outer side of the heel are also thickened with rubber to ensure durability. Vapormax Air cushion is divided into two parts before and after the palm, the cushion in the middle of the cushion to ensure the flexibility of the shoe bending, but also greatly reduce the weight of the shoes, so that Air Vapormax became the history of the Air Max series of the most lightweight shoes. The position of the air cushion is also designed to be divided according to the force point of the sole.

The volume of the air cushion on the forefoot is lower than that on the heel, causing a natural back and forth drop. The feeling of the first leg may not be as strong as the visual sense. The feedback of the forefoot is not as soft as it is supposed to be. The heel is a strong reaction. You can feel the deformation of the cushion by gently exerting force. In addition to Air Vapormax sole is the upper part of the shoe, shoes using Flyknit weaving uppers, this technology is now very mature, lightweight and breathable is its biggest feature, the mesh above the toe woven to ensure air permeability, toe The edges and the side of the body are more densely woven to ensure strength and support. This Air Vapormax can choose your usual size or half size.