Cool fashion nike air max 97 running shoes

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So much so that today's article on putting on the school may not be established until a few years ago: Shoes are hard to find. Basically you may feel that the special shape of the Air Max 97 gold is not in line with the mainstream. The standard of “beauty” – why should we spend a lot of time trying to spend time on a pair of “shoes”? (Think now, these words are in my memory, it seems to be about equal to the word “Dad Shoes”)?


But in the past two years, Nike Air Max Day event, the resurgence of retro sneakers, and the triple impact of the “near-future culture” represented by functional clothing, “Ghost in the Shell”, etc., have had a great chance. The Air Max 97 Red, which was turned into a cold room by retro running shoe enthusiasts, returned to the sight of people. The Italian bet that was called “La Silver” was the highest-valued series of Air Max shoes in the past two years. One of the models.


Even recently, it was sold in all major global Nike official channels, retail stores, and energy stores, all without exception. A pair of silver retro running shoes - Air Max 97, which in the past didn't sound like it would be associated with "explosive models", took up space in the world's major social platforms for a short time, greatly surpassing last year's Nike In order to regain control, Air Max 95 is one of the indispensable ancestors of the Air Max series.


For a time, street-style, retro-style enthusiasts who routinely use Gosha Rubchinskiy, CE, PALACE, Supreme, etc. as their daily equipment, have also made Air Max 97 a must-have item for collocation: interestingly, including Nike Officially, almost all of the inspiration for the Air Max 97 color scheme suggests that its design was inspired by the "Japanese High-Speed ​​Bullet Train," but in fact, according to COMPLEX last year, 20 things you didn't know about Cheap Air Max 97 black. "The main idea of ​​designer Christian Tresser is that it is a mountain bike with metal plating." Well, the design that comes from life is the coolest... But obviously, the “silver bullet” is more handsome than the “silver mountain bike”.

In short, the “ugly handsome” style is so popular nowadays. The beauty and ugliness of the Air Max 97 also seem to be not really necessary – anyway, put it on, you will definitely not be the same as it was a few years ago ... Think about it, why did Eminem wear Air Max Tailwind 2010 in the MV?